AD Tidy 2.0 Free Edition Released

April 5, 2013 — 7 Comments

I promise this will be the last post about AD Tidy 2.0 šŸ™‚ Just a quick one to let everyone know that the free edition of the new version is now available for download.

The free edition can be download here:

As mentioned in a previous post, the limitations of the free edition are as follows: Cannot reverse actions, cannot use automated rules or command line, cannot use launch external script action, custom LDAP attribute definitions cannot be added, and can only export to CSV file. Other than that, everything is fully functional ā€“ you can still use the powerful filtering options, can still perform all of the actions (other than the external script action as mentioned above), can still build your own action sequences, export pie charts, save report settings, view DNS record timestamps, choose last logon calculation method, etc etc.

Hopefully it is still a lot better than any other similar free tools (and even some that you have to pay for!) but as always Iā€™m keen to hear what you think.

7 responses to AD Tidy 2.0 Free Edition Released


    A great addition to these tools will be the ability to import a specific list of ojects (computers/users) to perform actions on.


    This is a great tool. I was trying to do this function by using a script until I found this tool! The only problem I have run into so far is when attempting to take an action (disable, delete, etc.) I get an error that says Access Denied. I assume there is a permissions issue, but as I am already a Domain Admin, I’m not sure where to check.

    Any ideas?


    how to select and export “LogonCount”,thanks!!!


      You can add custom LDAP attribute definitions in the standard edition (but not in the free edition). To do this, just right click on the results grid and click “Select Columns” and then click the “Add Column Definition” button on the new window that appears. From there you can add the LogonCount attribute and then see it in the results for any reports you run.

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