AD Tidy 2.5 Released

September 16, 2014 — 5 Comments

This update for the Standard Edition of AD Tidy adds a large number of new features to both the client GUI and automated rules server. Details below.

This update is only for the Standard Edition but some of these features may be added to the Free Edition at a later date. The main changes in this new version are as follows:

  • Option to select accounts from a CSV file containing usernames rather than having to use filters to locate specific accounts (filters will still be applied to these accounts as well though)
  • Reports can now be run against multiple OUs
  • Added “Disable OWA” action
  • Individual Automated Rules can now be run on demand using the Run Now button
  • Added “within the last X days” and “not within the last X days” operators for all LDAP date values
  • When setting the description of an account, The %CONTAINER% variable can now be used to show the OU each account is stored in
  • Added the following selectable columns; OWA Enabled, TS Home Folder Path, TS Profile Path, and TS Remote Control Enabled
  • Pressing the space bar will now check/uncheck rows that you have highlighted in the results grid
  • For any actions that require parameters, the parameter values you have entered are now visible from the Edit Action Sequence window
  • Performing any action now shows how many accounts will be modified and requires confirmation (can be disabled from the Options window)
  • The number of accounts currently selected is now shown at the bottom of the main window
  • Deleting an automated rule now requires confirmation
  • Added explanation text on main window for when no automated rules exist on a server or when an error is encountered loading rules
  • Server Status window now shows the version number of the AD Tidy Server service you are connected to

Existing users of the application should be prompted to download the new update next time you launch AD Tidy. If you are not prompted to download the update or do not have internet access from the computer running AD Tidy then please send an email to and you will be sent a manual download link for the update.

If you are using the Automated Rules feature, you must install version 2.5 of the AD Tidy Server service to update the server before you will be able to connect to it from the new version of the AD Tidy client GUI.

If you have copied the command line executable to another machine to use in scheduled tasks or scripts, ensure you copy the new version of the command line module and supporting DLL files once you have installed the new version of the AD Tidy client GUI on one machine.


5 responses to AD Tidy 2.5 Released


    Hi there and great tool as I have inherited a monster! I cannot delete home folders though as the old pupil drive locations are ‘being used by another process’. can you point me in the right direction for troubleshooting this one?


    Is it possible to add a new feature? I would like to request that when choosing which DC’s under “Last Logon Settings” you would have the option to retain the selected DC’s so that you do not have to choose them every time you open ADTIDY. Can you add that into the next build please?


      Hi Carl,

      You can save the current report settings (which includes the last logon setting and selected DCs) by going to File -> Export Report Settings. So then if you want to load these settings back in next time you launch the program just go to File -> Load Report Settings, or just click File and then on the right hand side of the File menu you should see “Recent Settings” and you can just click the name of the file in there as that is a bit faster than having to browse for the file location again.


    Michael Shellito July 16, 2015 at 16:10

    Is it possible to add Actions, i.e. an Action that changes the log-on script of selected users?

    I’ve been using the free edition in our AD and it beats many other tools I’ve tried, just for versatility, ease of use and info collectible from the interface. Great job!


      Hi Michael,

      Thanks, glad you like the free edition. As for your question about additional actions – to allow people to provide their own custom actions, we have the “Run External Script” action which you can use to call any script you have and it will pass in each user’s username or LDAP path. So you could have a simple vbscript (or batch file or Powershell script) that accepts a username as a command line argument and then sets the logon script for that user, then in AD Tidy you just need to run the Run External Script action and specify the path to this script and use %USERNAME% in the arguments field.


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