File Permissions Check BETA

November 24, 2014 — 2 Comments

In most cases IT administrators set permissions on folders and then all files within simply inherit permissions from their parent folder. However, sometimes files might unintentionally have inheritance disabled or they might have additional permissions on top of the inherited permissions that should not be there (this can be caused by files being moved rather than copied). So this tool has been developed to help easily locate files that are either not inheriting permissions or do not have identical permissions to their parent folder.

As well as just showing you files that are not inheriting or do not have the same permissions as their parent folder, you also have the option to “fix” these permissions by setting the file to inherit permissions and removing any non-inherited permissions. The finished product will have full command line support and the option to email report results and action results, so you could easily set up a scheduled task to run once a day or once a week to scan your network shares for files that do not have the correct permissions and email you a list of them or automatically reset inheritance on them and email you a list of actions that were taken.

If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see in this program then please use the Send Feedback button under the Help menu. The BETA will expire at the end of December as the finished product will be released soon after that.

EDIT: The BETA is now over and the finished product can be downloaded here:

Screenshots below (click to enlarge).




Looking forward to hearing your feedback

2 responses to File Permissions Check BETA


    I am looking to use this and I cant find the new version on your home page. Can you extend this beta till the end of Jan for use?


      Hi Dan – the finished product will be released very soon, but I have extended the BETA expiration date until the end of January now so if you use the download link again now it should download the extended version.


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