File Permissions Check Released

February 6, 2015 — 1 Comment

This free tool for locating files that have different permissions to their parent directory is now out of BETA and available to download.

The purpose and features of this program were described in the last blog post so I’ll spare you the repeated text, but thank you to everyone that provided feedback on the BETA – it was much appreciated and some minor bugs were resolved because of it.

We will be adding command line support in a future update, but for now it is just the GUI which you can download for free below.

Download link: Cjwdev File Permissions Check

Of course if you have any suggestions on how the software could be improved then please let us know by using the Send Feedback option found in the Help menu within the program.



One response to File Permissions Check Released


    Another simple yet, extremely useful tool. Thank you for creating such wonderful tool!

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