Updates for NTFS Permissions Reporter and Get Local Admins GUI

November 18, 2015 — 1 Comment

We recently released a minor update for our popular file system permissions reporting tool and also a new version of our free administrator group membership auditing tool. Change logs for both can be found below:

Get Local Admins GUI 2.4.0

  • Added right click option to copy selected account names from results
  • When adding an individual computer, you can now add multiple computer names separated by a comma
  • When exporting to CSV or HTML you will now be prompted to open the file once the export has finished
  • Multiple computers can now be selected from the target computer list and can then be removed at the same time
  • CSV export now uses language specific separator character based on your OS settings

NTFS Permissions Reporter 2.1.4

  • When exporting to Excel format you can now export the log of errors encountered during the report to a separate sheet
  • After exporting a report you will now be asked if you would like to open the file
  • Fixed a bug that caused command line tasks to fail if the “Prompt to close windows on exit” option was enabled

Changes in the previous update (2.1.3) had not yet been posted on this blog, so they can also be found below:

  • Added right click option on tree view to “Export NTPR From Here” which will create an NTPR file containing only the selected folder and its sub folders, rather than the entire report
  • When comparing reports, you can now specify that server names in UNC paths should be ignored so that you can compare permissions on two different file servers that have the same folders
  • If alternate credentials have been specified, they will now be used when browsing Active Directory for accounts in the Exclude Accounts window
  • If the ribbon menu was minimised the last time you used the program, it will now be minimised by default
  • Excel exports are no longer limited to 1 million rows

If you have any problems downloading the latest versions please email support@cjwdev.com and we will be happy to assist.

One response to Updates for NTFS Permissions Reporter and Get Local Admins GUI


    Good to see you are refining these fantastic apps!

    What do you have on the horizon in in the future?

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